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AUTHOR: Andrea D'Intino (aka BARIO)

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3D Gamers Edge Seal of Approval Winner!


Welcome to the most ambitious Spq2 Unit to date. Bario has constructed six HUGE maps, and woven them together into a Unit that will easily fill several hours with quality gameplay. The architecture is flat-out incredible. Each map is stunningly beautiful and filled with incredible artistic touches. Bario obviously has great vision, a sense of style, an appreciation for beautiful architecture, and the ability to translate it into beautiful, majestic maps that will definitely amaze you. The Unit opens to an outdoor area which demonstrates wonderfully integrated natural and man-made constructions. Action is sparse, but Strogg are well placed, and although it's merely the introduction to this Unit, the beauty is stunning. Bario manages to make the area seem much larger and more complex than it really is, with great lay-out, visual trickery, and an excellent less-is-more approach. From there you proceed to the second part of the Unit - four huge maps which Bario has brilliantly constructed around the first map (chemistry II). Chemistry II serves as an excellent focal point which you start in, and return to several times, giving the Unit an added sense of continuity. Surrounding Chemistry II are The Warehouse, The Cave, and the Cool Station. These three maps feature some of the best lay-out and architecture available to the Spq2 player. Each is stunning to admire: majestic construction, good use of rotating brushes, nice details (like the satellite that orbits outside), and great use of colored lighting. There is also a very cool func_train in the Unit that should both amaze you and bring a chuckle. Action is superb as well. Well placed Strogg, plenty of ammo and health, and great attack groups make for enough great action to please anyones tastes. It's a non-stop romp of arcade style Strogg blasting. It never gets overwhelming, and is kept interesting with good use of Strogg placement, and those treasured surprise attacks. The Cave is similar to the intro map in it's beautiful integration of natural rock surfaces and architecture. It has a clean natural look that is both minimalist and absolutely gorgeous. Once you complete these four maps, the final confrontation occurs within a map titled The Revenge. This map is the most beautiful of all. Massive sweeping construction coupled with seemless integration of the outside environment make for an unforgettable experience. Once more, the action is fantastic and the challenge is high. On the down side, I discovered one small area of HOM and three instances of misaligned textures in these six maps. I would have liked for the Unit to incorporate more of a puzzle-like challenge, and maybe more creative use of triggered sequences. That aside, the maps are the mose beautiful Spq2 maps I have ever seen. I actually took 33 screenshots while playing. This is a quality Q2 experience that really is worth paying for. Aren't we lucky it's free? Oh... and there's a DM map included in this .zip as well :)

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