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AUTHOR: Neil (KNEEL) Harrot

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(revised 10-29-98)
This is a 4 map Unit in which your goal is to shut down a Strogg cloning facility and kill it's leader. The story, computer updates, and great layout keep you constantly on the move. It's a lot of fun running from area to area, visiting the wide variety of locales, and perfoming multiple tasks. Kneel has a good grasp on what it takes to keep the player active and on the move, feelng like he's taking part in a story, not just a shoot-em-up. Perhaps some more map names in the F1 updates would have been helpful (ie: "return to Kattle and get the key). As for the action element, there is plenty of fighting to make this Unit a non-stop action romp. Strogg are everywhere, and frequently repopulate previously cleared areas. Some good placements coupled with sheer numbers make the game fast paced, and a lot of fun. The challenge is excellent at first, but as the game moves along and the power-ups pile-up, it gets much easier. There is just too much stuff here. Multiple Quads, Invulnerabilities, and Adrenaline power-ups, coupled with every weapon in the Q2 arsenal, and an overload of ammo to boot. The player needs to be kept on a much stricter diet to make his game more of a challenge. I feel that if I were to go into this map and selectively remove maybe 20 items or so, the challenge would skyrocket, and gameplay would be much more gripping. As you near the final battle, the items really begin to get out of control. When I saw just how much power I was being given, I was starting to believe that I would be facing one (or more, based on the clone theme) of the Makron manifestations... but I was let down and the final fight was a breeze with a BFG, Invulnerability, and a Quad. Bottom Line: This is a really fun Unit, plenty of exploration, fast paced, terrific action, and a nicely developed story keep the player happy and active. However, the Unit has some pitfalls (misalignments, item overload), that pushed it down considerably in the ratings. A lot of talent can be seen here, but it needs fine tuning.