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level: magic lamber: power of sewer 10.4 meg

author: Mark Shan

download it here: download map file


the good

the bad the summary
magic lamber is a very ambitious project with an excellent story, yet it is also lacking in many ways. you are sent to the planet Volcano to destroy Magic Lamber, a "colossal 10,000-ton robot with a nuclear gun whose potency is equivalent to a billion kilotons." on your way to this mechanical warrior's lair you'll encounter a good deal of beautifully creative architecture, and face a good deal of strogg who intend to stop you. for me, this 6 map set started off wonderfully. the architecture, in all of it's originality, really immersed me into the game, and early on i discovered a secret level that was extremely creative and fun. the author even used a clever visual trick to make it appear that you are standing on ice which has reflective properties. however, as i moved further on into the game, i grew bored. things begin to get repetitive after the 3rd map. nearly every level has a secret (only 1 per level) that is behind the exact same kind of panel (shoot it to get the secret) - very uninspired. there also simply isn't enough variety of strogg, nor creativity in their placement. the main problem affecting gameplay is the lack of goals. the goals are few and far between (some levels have no goals) and are mostly 'push the button to advance' goals. couple that with the fact that the maps don't have their own names, and i soon felt as if i were moving through the same settings over and over again. also, given the large size of these maps, having only 20 strogg or so per level just wasn't enough - i was hungry for more action. speaking of large maps, the final map is so huge that you are going to need a P400 or better to play through it smoothly - on my lowly P200, i was getting maybe 4 frames per second. if these 6 maps were compressed into maybe 2 or 3, this may have been a much more fulfilling experience.

these maps score big points for originality, as the author obviously has his own unique style. mark has his own vision, and is intent on telling a good story. i can fully appreciate the intent behind this project, but it's delivery just wasn't good enough. if you are hungry for new spq2 to play, then i recommend you download it and jump right in. there is good action involved, and plenty of nice architecture to admire. however, if it's a high quality overall experience you seek, you'll probably want to pass this by.