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LEVEL: Hexorcism
( 1,640K)
AUTHOR: Kevin Hall (Akak)

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3D Gamers Edge: Seal of Approval Winner!


If you loved Hexen2, then play this map! If you love Quake2, then play this map! Kevin has taken the best of both worlds and combined them into a wonderful product. The map starts off to some downright fierce action, then you enter the castle and are blown away buy stunning architecture. One thing is for sure, Kevin knows how to build a mean staircase! The map features a gorgeous spiral stairway, and other stairs that are very well designed. The map is filled with plenty of eye-candy, as the feel of a castle is captured quite well, and the technological aspects are blended in as smoothly as can be expected. Holding onto the Hexen2 theme, there are a variety of small puzzles to solve, the main puzzle being a bit tricky - but it is solvable without cheats (just barely). My favorite Hexenish (is this a word??) element had to be the segment where you need to 'activate the crystals' to gain access to the tomb. It's that kind of nonsensical, pseudo-mystical, cheesy puzzles that made Hexen2 so much fun. All Hexen aside though - even based on its own merits, this map succeds in every way. It'll give architecture lovers something to gawk at, and action lovers plenty of good fights, and the challenge is high enough to make Skill 1 a tough go, and Skill 2 a challenge to please even the best players. The only complaint about this map is some high r_speeds that made a few areas pretty choppy even on my P200 with a Voodoo2. Bottom line: good looks, combined with good gameplay make this map a sure winner for any player.