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AUTHOR: Roger Staines

Download it here: Download!


3D Gamers Edge Seal of Approval Winner!


Wouldn't it be fun to go explore an old western town... and find it to be full of Strogg bent on gunning you down? If you answered 'yes' to that question, then click the download link, and get ready for a very unique Q2 experience. The story revolves around retrieving a data CD which contains source code for Quake Arena. Read the HTML file for the full story and credits for this level (which is nicely designed by crash, including his highly anticipated Cheesy Header GraphicTM.) Roger has gone all out in giving his creation a believable old-west atmosphere. A Player piano, brothel, hotel, church, and plenty of other detailed touches keep the theme going strong from start to finish. Outdoor areas are very nicely crafted, with nice touches like trees, thunder and lightning, and a wonderful integration of solid ground and underwater areas to explore. The buildings are very realistic and the new textures (by none other than Neil Manke), are perfect. My main enjoyment from this map came from it's lay-out. This is perhaps the most strikingly non-linear Spq2 map I've played to date. There are several distinct locations to explore, and they are all intertwined with each other in serveral ways. You can travel underwater and reach most ever area, you can also remain above ground and still access all areas of the map. Each area can also be enter through a variety of paths, making for a lot of good quality exploration. Speaking of exploration: Roger has included 15 secret areas in the map, making for some good quality replay value, and plenty of fun to be had uncovering them all. So far I have only discovered 10 of them... but I'm not giving up until I have all 15! Action within the map is of good quality, with plenty of fights, and occasional group attacks to keep you alert and scrounging for ammo and health. The challenge is above average, with some good Strogg placement and very little chance of Strogg in-fighting to help you along. Minor complaints include: a texture in a tree in the opening sequence that kept flickering on and off, and occassional mis-alignments of brushes and textures in some of the complex outdoor areas. The bottom line: this map has personality. The theme is held strongly throughout, and plenty of wonderful creative touches (and one truly amazing surprise) make it a pleasure to play. Highly recommended.