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AUTHOR: Chris Spain

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3D Gamers Edge: Seal of Approval Winner!


This map is stunning. With a tiny file size of 630K, I'd never believe that I would get this much entertainment. Forces of Evil 1 is another map which takes a prequel approach to plot line. Set before the Q2 full game, you are an agent of a bureau who have been studying the Strogg and are suspecting a move against Earth. As Q2 was the retaliation against the Strogg, Forces of Evil puts you in the midst of the initial Strogg strike on Earth. Set in and around a secret government base, you must fight through the attacking Strogg and reach the sewers to gain access to Forces of Evil 2 (currently not available).The start of the map is explosive. Right out of the gate you are in the middle of the action. I do not want to give away surprizes (of which this map has several), but will say this. You often hear of how the Strogg attacked the area you are entering and killed everyone, well, this time it's right in your face. The action and challenge are second to none. This map is as immersive, surprising, hectic, and tough as any Quake2 map available, commercial products included. Strogg placements that will send you reeling, never knowing what is coming next. Weapon, ammo, and health distribution that is near perfect. When you finally get the Super Shotgun you feel a strong sense of relief, and each box of ammo is appreciated. I have never before in a Q2 map felt so under attack as I did in this one. Guards and Enforcers are running rampant, and more arrive on the scene right before your eyes - through a variety of creative methods. The pressure is on, and the pace is so frantic that the map seems over in mere minutes. The construction of the base itself adds to the immersive gameplay. Texture choices suit the architecture perfectly. Close attention to lay-out, and small areas, make for some excellent render speeds. The building looks very real, very functional. There are details such as restrooms, laundry rooms, stereo equipment, and moving vehicals. Ambient sounds are used to good effect, though most of the time you will hear only the sounds of battle. Nothing detracts attention from the game and your mission. The lay-out makes for a fairly non-linear game, yet there are some 'get this to access that' keys to keep the player moving in the right direction. The map will not force you to complete every last section before exiting, the choice is yours, and on-screen messages inform you of this. There is also one particular secret area which I found to be very clever, and well worth hunting down. My only complaint is the over use of the Adrenaline power-up. With 4 possible, there are 3 of them in the last section of the map alone. This is simply too much health, and though the fighting is extremely hectic in this last portion of the map, having 3 Adrenaline so close together was too much for me. Overall, this map is a wonderful exhibit of creativity, surprises, and Q2 action pumped up to it's highest and most enjoyable level. Chris has appeared out of nowhere and his first Q2 map is simply one of the finest Q2 experiences available to Spq2 players, user-created or commercially released. Do what I did, pass up two of the last three Adrenaline power-ups, and see how you fare then. I played this map 2 times in less than 2 days, and enjoyed it equally each time. This map is a rare one, do not miss out.