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AUTHOR: Brian Griffith

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3D Gamers Edge: Seal of Approval Winner!


It's been a while since anyone has produced a high quality Spq2 Unit, so this comes as a pleasant surprise. This Unit is the long awaited sequel to the hugely popular Castles of Stroggos Unit (play it first if you haven't yet). There are three maps to play here, the first is Stroggship. You begin in the duct work of a Strogg Mothership which is headed towards Earth as part of the invasion. A creepy atmosphere is set right from the start with great use of colored lighting and ambient sounds. You make your way into the ship, where your mission of recovering a data CD begins. Brian has made use of a feature first seen in Slaughtership (Neil Manke), where you have the ability to read the computer monitors you find. The messages will add to the story, and help you achieve your goals. The layout in this map is exceptional, though the architecture tends toward the simple. The challenge is extremely high, made so by the great distribution of weapons, health, and ammo (which are very thoughtfully placed). There is plenty of attention to detail here, and be sure to find the excellent secret area - it's a must find (explore thoroughly!). After discovering the CD, you ride a lift to Deep in the Hold. The high level of attention to detail is continued within, and the challenge is even more brutal. I had a tough time getting through this map - with the very sparse health, and brutal Strogg placements. Like the first map - this one is very mission oriented, with an emphasis on exploration. There's another really great and creative secret area to be found - so stay alert! The final map is Phase 3. Once more it's very brutal, but at last you will find some much needed health. The architecture in the map is the best of the three, and the layout is once more excellent. Again, you will find some really superb secret areas, and have plenty of fun exploring the level. The great feeling of really being on board a Strogg vessel is prominent in the map as well - and it brings the whole project together into a great cohesive experience that is very rewarding. The problem I had with this final map was the very abrupt and somewhat disappointing end. I was hoping for some sort of endgame, or sense of closure, but I was denied that - and presented with a "to be continued" message. Complaints include: the abrupt ending, plain architecture, too little health in the first two maps (scattered +2 bottles would have been very nice), and too much ammo/weapons in the final map. Overall, this is a great experience. It's very thematic and fun to explore. The challenge is high, and the attention to detail is very noteworthy.