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level: cheops tomb 1,866K

author: phil abbott

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3D gamers edge: seal of approval winner

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cheops tomb is one of the more intersting spq2 levels to grace my pc in quite some time. quake 2 gameplay with an egyptian theme that evokes memories of hexen 2. sent back in time - it is your mission to stop the strogg from establishing a base in ancient egypt which would allow them to eliminate the human threat before we have the technology to fight back.

the gameplay strongly adheres to the egyptian theme, and the new background and new graphics serve to reinforce the effect that you are actually adventuring in that ancient land. from the get-go you'll notice that this level requires just as much finesse as it does brute force in order to complete it. finding the path ahead requires patience and careful observance. hints exist if you have the skill or luck to uncover them, and insidious traps will have you resetting the game if you are not clever enough to avoid them. aside from this exploratory gameplay, action is there, though in moderation - at least until the final battle. my favorite scene in the game is when you emerge from a winding staircase to hear an echoing strogg war-cry, and find yourself surronded by what is perhaps my favorite stroggian adversary.

on the downside, the map is quite small and over much quicker that i'd have liked. admittedly, i'm a big fan of egyptian history and the theme had me instantly entralled... i really wnated for this to have been a unit rather than a single map. also - no skill levels are implemented, so you can only play at medium skill which is a bit too easy as far as the actual fight against the strogg is concerned. don't let that stop you from playing this map though, this is a unique experience and one that comes highly recommended. enjoy!