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level: bargain-bin savior (citizen abel 2) 1,807K

author: brendon chung

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3D gamers edge: seal of approval winner

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oh my... if you thought citizen abel was good - try this. bargain-bin savior is a marvel of spq2 craftsmanship. taking user-created spq2 to new heights of storytelling, brendon has created a masterpiece. once again the player assumes the role of citizel abel - the notorious villain who is wanted for such hideous crimes as loitering. your mission is to disable a turret and ignite some flares in the Kealing Mansion... a fairly easy task, until you decide to stir things up...

how do i begin? i don't want to give away any gameplay details which would only ruin the experience for you. these maps play like a short story - in which the player is an active participant. interweaving short, story-intensive levels with mind-blowing cut-scenes and interspersed narrative that is both humorous and informative, brendon creates a mini-adventure which has to be one of the greatest spq2 achievements ever. other authors have attempted cut-scene use before - but what brendon creates is simply stunning. there is a smooth seamlessness to the scenes that made me feel as is quake2 came bundled with an editor for creating just this type of effect... but it didn't. in fact - i have never seen such awesome use of the q2 engine outside of normal gameplay. there is no sophmore-jinx at work here, brendon's second effort leaves his first miles behind.

some complaints i have are that, once again (through admittedly intesive exploration) i managed to find myself stuck in a place where only a no-clip could save me. secondly - it is possible to exit the mansion manifesto level without ever disabling the turret - which is a main objective of the level. those were the only two actual bugs i uncovered. aside from that (and this is merely person prefernce here) i would have liked to see some larger maps with some secrets added in. the maps are fairly small and with the limited size and lack of secrets - the amount of exploration is minimal. also - skill settings would be nice.

The bottom line here is that if you play spq2 - you must play this offering. a virtual tip of the hat to you brendon. and hey folks, be sure to drop this hard-working author a line and thank him for creating this wonderful project.