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Sunday, February 5, 2006

quake 4 reviews

cold steel an great new quake 4 map is reviewed

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

doom 3 reviews

note: the "in hell" mod has been updated to version 1.1, and the link on the review page has been updated to direct you to the new version.

in hell an AMAZING, new 19-level single player DOOM3 mod is reviewed

zombie shuffle a great new map by starbug is reviewed

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

working away

just a quick update to let you know that i am working on several reviews which should appear here within the next week. i know it has been quiet around here lately. this is due in part to several things: my recent serious sam co-op marathons with VICE, a complete format of my computer's hard drive & a new PSU installation, the holidays, and my addiction to Dragon Quest VIII on the PS2. however, i have not abandoned 3DGE and a fresh batch of reviews will be served up soon - so keep checking back!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

new feature

thanks to the suggestion of one busy little Ant there will be a new feature available in my reviews starting today. from now on all reviews will have clickable screenshots that will take you to a larger image. the current review shots are at 400x300, and the bigger images will be 700x525. email me your thoughts: tron AT 3dgamersedge NOSPAM DOT com.

thanks, ant!

doom 3 review

accident, the a map by canadiancow is reviewed

half life 2 review

minerva: metastasis a great map by adam foster is reviewed

spq2 review

damage, inc. by jeffrey hayat is reviewed


strider has completely redesigned the AppleCrypt! go on and have a look.

Monday, November 07, 2005

update coming

some new reviews are coming in the middle of this week. also, a new feature will be added to all new reviews!

check back again soon...

Friday, October 28, 2005


i fixed the broken links that i posted yesterday. target alpha, ww3, and omega labs all download properly now... sorry about that!

spq2 reviews

wow! 200 spq2 reviews are now archived here at 3DGE!

world war 3 by guy (bucket/bkt) burkhart is reviewed

target alpha (demo) by guy (bucket/bkt) burkhart is reviewed

hot everest by silverchip is reviewed

doom 3 reviews

just in time for halloween! strap on your depends, dim the lights, crank up the speakers, and fight your way through...

evacuation protocol a great new map by guy burkhart is reviewed by request

omega labs a new map by viktor a lundberg is reviewed

sigma quadrant a map by samuel 'kaiser' villareal is reviewed, by request


strider over at AppleCrypt sent along a friendly email the other day. his website hosts thousands of singleplayer maps and mods for a variety of FPS games via KDX. the main focus is on Mac compatible releases, especially Doom related material. strider does more than just host these maps, he also does beta work insuring Mac compatibility for many mod teams. notable is his work on the D3 GTX mod. if you do your FPS Mac-style, strider's site is the place for you! thanks for the email and the links, strider.

Monday, October 24, 2005

doom 3 reviews

just in time for halloween! guy burkhart sends along his excellent brand-new DOOM3 map to scare the crap out of us. strap on your depends, dim the lights, crank up the speakers, and fight your way through...

evacuation protocol a great new map by guy burkhart is reviewed by request

it also occurs to me that i promised kaiser i would review his latest map, and i have yet to do so. i appologize, kaiser, but life has been rough lately and my attentions have been elsewhere. i will do my best to get the map reviewed within the next few days.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

doom 3 mod: the evil

i have become involved with the doom 3 mod the evil which is being created by lavaman and enforcer. my role has so far been doing some dialogue rewrites, and may expand to creating some of the actual storyline. i will also begin beta testing maps once the mods gets closer to a release.

the mod is coming together quietly and without a lot of hype, but work is steady and lavaman has really devoted a large portion of his free time to it. it will place the player in the role of an escaped prisoner during an outbreak of what some think is a deadly virus, right here on earth. lavaman has just released a promotional trailer for the mod. the audio mix for the trailer is of poor quality, but the in-game auido will be fine.

the 55MB .zip file of the promotional .avi can be downloaded right here.

doom 3 reviews

executive quarters a great new map by jason mccord is reviewed

tower of babel redux by bauul is reviewed

follow me by burak yazar is reviewed

hell zone v1 by OMEGA_Nemesis28 is reviewed

Thursday, May 19, 2005

doom 3 review

once upon a time, an awesome new level by thomas creutzenberg is reviewed

spq2 review

xxx by milous is reviewed, by request.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

3DGE news

begging? well, not exactly. i debated with myself over putting the "donate" button on the main page. but when i realized that i was seriously considering putting banner ads on this website, i thought a small paypal button would be much less annoying to my visitors. anyway, it there for you, should you decide to take pity on an impoverished webmaster.

half life 2. considering the horrible response i have recieved in regards to my reviewing HL2 maps i have decided to not bother reviewing them unless i feel the urge. since, unlike the HL2 community, the D3 community and fansites have been very supportive of my cause, and spq2 authors continue to request reviews so that their maps may become a part of this archive, i will concentrate my efforts on the creations of D3 and spq2 level designers.

doom 3 reviews

the refueling station, an excellent new level by samuel 'kaiser' villareal is reviewed

timecop II by qix is reviewed

mancubus by smart333 is reviewed

spq2 reviews

i'm working on a review of milous' XXX mission pack...

skyscraper by guy "deadmeat" babin is reviewed, by request.

the movement of heaven by chris (sven) druckenmiller is reviewed, by request.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

doom 3 reviews

enceladus a new map by robert travis is reviewed

redemption by mnemic is reviewed

site 2 by zamideus is reviewed

Monday, April 25, 2005

half life 2 announcement

much the same as with doom 3, i searched the scene for a good place to find in-depth reviews of half life 2 maps and came up empty-handed. so, with joyous fanfare (imagine trumpets sounding) it is with great pleasure that i annouce that i will be reviewing half life 2 maps here at 3d gamers edge. my initial offering consists of seven map reviews. i put a lot of thought into the design of the review pages in my half life 2 section. i feel that (considering i am a hack who is coding in frames) i have come up with my most intuitive, best layout, and nicest aesthtic that i could manage in these new review pages. if anyone has comments or complaints or suggestions as to the design of my pages feel free to email me. please, no making fun of the "frames" coding. this is an ancient website and it was written back in 1997 and i simply don't have the time to redesign it, nor do i have the cash to pay someone to do it for me!

in the near future i expect to write up a comprehensive half life 2 level review guide that will serve as a basic design document for the novice level designer, or perhaps provide an in-depth look at my review approach for the morbidly curious. i will be happy to accept requests for level reviews and may do some beta work as well. as with my doom 3 and spq2 reviews, the new levels released will get first attention, followed by requests, and finally if none of the above are on my plate i will simply dip at random into the archive of maps i currently have on my HDD.

well, enough talk, on to the content!

3DGE news

major upgrades to 3dge over the weekend. if you search the quake 2 review archives you will note that there has been an aesthetic overhaul of each main page. the Q2 logo has been added to the top of each page, and it will link you back to the main Q2 review page if you click on it. similar functionality and asthetic upgrades have been added to the DOOM3 pages.

the main review pages for the unreal and jedi knight level reviews have been given an aesthetic face-lift.

the news page entries from march of 1999 through january of 2000 have been added to the news archives page.

the legal info page has been updated.

minor tweaks and aesthetic changes have been made to the main page, the reviews page, and this news page.

unreal news

i have located and uploaded all of the unreal maps that are reviewed on this site.

jedi knight news

i have located and uploaded some of the jedi knight maps that are reviewed on this site. the following maps are now available to download: Siege at Von Kanst, Jedi Search, The Hunt For Leeda, and Warzone: Parts 1, 2 and 3. i am still missing the files for: Asteroid Base, Adullum Station, Imperial Assault Course, The Waste Containment Plant, and Z_Transform. if anyone has these files or knows where i can acquire them, please send me an email.

half life 2 reviews

below is a list of the half life 2 levels i have reviewed so far. click here to access the main half life 2 review page.

  • quick war by p.kov
  • engage the combine by puppet that kills
  • day hard part 1 by carlo piscicelli
  • day hard part 2 by carlo piscicelli
  • day hard part 3 by carlo piscicelli
  • combine onslaught by stifflyls
  • land of death by afroman

spq2 reviews

got milk? by guy "deadmeat" babin is reviewed, by request.

gladiator by milous is reviewed.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

doom 3 review

beta labs pilot a new map by RJR is posted

Sunday, April 17, 2005

doom 3

i have plenty of maps downloaded, and i am working on some reviews. expect some new maps soon.

spq2 news

i have added functionality to the spq2 review tables, so that they are sortable by clicking on the table headings (map name, author name, or rating). i think this makes it much easier to navigate the table, which has grown to 192 entries. little did i know back in '98 that i would have so many! so, for those of you here for the spq2 portion of the site, i hope that this little additon adds to your ease of navigation. enjoy!

spq2 review

666 a brand new 2005 mssion pack by milous is posted with an 80 rating.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

DOOM3 announcement

always a fan of id games, over the last eight months i have been investing a lot of time in DOOM3. i looked into it and saw that there were actually quite a few single player add-on levels available for the game, but no one was writing up reviews for them. correct me if i am wrong, but the only reviews i found were simple "rate the map from 1 - 5 stars", or simple one or two sentence reviews written quickly and without in-depth analysis.

because of this, and because i enjoy it so much, i have decided to add DOOM3 single player level reviews to 3D Gamer's Edge. click the D3 logo on the main page, or click the 'reviews' button and then click the D3 logo to access the reviews. i have also posted a rudimentary review guide which give some idea as to what i base my reviews on. the guide can be a tool for novice level designers to use, giving them a simple collection of things to think about while crafting a map.

the purpose for posting these reviews is thus: to give novice level designers input (praise and/or constructive criticism) about the levels they create, to give these levels publicity to help get them out to as many players as possible, to provide an archive of levels for fans of D3 to have easy convenient access to, i enjoy reviewing levels, i enjoy playing the levels, i am an avid fps gamer and this is my own contribution to the genre - helping beginners become better level designers in hopes that the good ones might find something useful here, get some exposure, and perhaps one day enter the industry.

as a bit of a disclaimer, let me say that it is always difficult to do the first several reviews of any particular game. i do not yet know how the maps stack up against each other, as i have only played a few. it will get easier as time goes on. please forgive me if the reviews seem a bit unpolished, or maybe don't cover everything you would like to see me discuss. i'm still getting a feel for what works and what doesn't, and it will take some time before i feel i am doing the best job possible.

look below for a list of the levels i have reviewed to date. i plan on adding many more levels in the near future, updating this website once or twice a week with new content. i hope you all enjoy my work.

other news

in case you were wondering, i still plan to review and add the few remaining spq2 levels out there which are not currently archived on this website. however, this is not my primary concern right now, as D3 is my current priority.

DOOM3 level reviews

the following is a list of the levels i currently have available. click here to access the main DOOM3 review page.

  • t-labs complex by samuel 'kaiser' villarreal
  • the sigma core by ryan (quaker-x) rutherford
  • pure evil by lavaman
  • zombie swarm by albert (gamegod) santoni
  • doomed by zizz
  • map 1 by michael (greyfox) gribble
  • roachys map by bigroachy
  • the beta labs campaign by rjr
  • death is coming by emre (razorman) acar
  • legacy by denis

Monday, April 04, 2005

thank you

first things first: a great, big, huge, -THANK YOU- to VICE for making this possible! go read the march 12 news to see what VICE has to say.


i'm back! 3D Gamer's Edge made it's first post on February 26, 1998. on September 14, 1998 it moved to hosting on planetquake. sometime during January of 2002, planetquake stopped hosting 3D Gamer's Edge. from January of 2002 until today, 3D Gamer's Edge existed only on my hdd, and on the hdd of a friend of mine. in January of 2005, my friend, VICE, asked if he could host 3D Gamer's Edge on his website. i agreed to this, thinking nothing much of it. however, he not only decided to host the site, but he put many hours of work into locating and uploading the maps, fixing broken links, and making sure the whole thing worked without falling apart. then he offered to put it on its own domain - www.3dgamersedge.com - which is where it is today. seeing the site back online and honoring all the work VICE put into it, i have decided to not only put some of my own efforts into the site, but to update it with new content as well.

so, if this is your first time here - welcome! enjoy this library of single player quake 2 level reviews. just click on the 'reviews' button on the left of the screen to gain access to over 200 different map reviews. the jedi knight and unreal reviews do not currently have working map download links. almost all of the quake 2 map downloads are working properly. read the reviews, and download and play the maps! many of the highest rated quake 2 maps are as good or better than the maps found in the retail game - and they are free! i hope you enjoy them.

for those of you who remember this website from years past - welcome back! i hope you enjoy the nostalgia, and perhaps even download and play some maps. and be sure to check back, as i will continue to add content.

current state of the edge

i have spent several hours going over the old place. i know that it is coded in frames (all the rage back in 1997, but not too cool in 2005) but i am not so ambitious that i am going to change that. i have performed some minor aesthetic repair work, fixed a few outdated references, updated some hosting credits, things of that nature. the main purpose of 3dgamersedge.com is to be an archive. it represents several 100's of hours of unpaid labor on my part, and i hate to see it all just fade away. most of the map download links are currently working properly, which is a huge improvement over the way it was during 2000 and 2001, after cdrom.com disappeared and fileplanet came into existence, ruining all of my download links. all files are hosted locally now, so download links will no longer "break". there are maybe 10 or 20 quake 2 map download links that need to be fixed, the rest of them work fine.

the future of the edge

i will very likely be making future updates. i'll add some new SPQ2 maps, and i am considering adding the user-created DOOM 3 maps that are out there. and, of course, i'm interested to see what Quake 4 may bring. if possible, i'd like to upload the unreal and jedi knight map files to this site. if anyone reading this can help me locate these files, please email me. other than that, i have no specific plans for the future of 3dgamersedge.com. i'm just happy to see it exist again, and i'll probably add some new content on occassion.

for those who wish to contact me, send email to: XXXtronXXX at 3dgamersedge dot com, removing the "X's".

Spq2 level reviews

yep, these are brand new reviews! older maps, but new additions to 3d gamer's edge. hope you enjoy them.

progetto genoma by mark shan is posted with a 100 rating.

magic lamber forever by mark shan is posted with a 70 rating.

waiting quake 3 by mark shan is posted with a 71 rating.

tombstones of id software by mark shan is posted with a 60 rating.

more thanks

thanks to Yaw Apatu (i hope i spelled that right!) the guy who first inspired me to do a quake-themed website.

thanks to my brother who visited regularly, contributed to the site, and provided encouragement, way back when this thing first got started, and frankly, the site was pretty lousy back then!

thanks to crash, snazbaz, lt. dan, kneel, igor, morgan, and guf. fellow spq2er's who helped out, took me seriously, provided encouragement, linked to my site, and were just a good bunch of decent people to be involved with.

extra special thanks to igor for designing my site graphics, and to crash for being a proper mentor for me back when i was fumbling blindly at this whole review business.

extra special thanks to kneel for being a good friend, making some maps, and making us all laugh with his 'yello there' bluesnews parody.

thanks to stephen at bluesnews.com who linked to my site a time or two, directing people to my work back in 1998, and who is responsible for a lot of my initial success.

thanks to planetquake.com for hosting my site for over three years and also for helping it become successful.

thanks to all you level designers who made the maps i tried to humbly review. you guys did the real work, and without you i'd have had nothing to talk about.

and finally, thanks again to dale (VICE) dandrea, for hosting this, working hard to whip it back into shape, and giving me enough to work with that i got off my butt and made this happen.

Saturday, March 12th, 2005

New Hosting

Hello everyone, I am VICE, owner/webmaster of www.ViceMan.us. I'm also an oldtime Quakester, killer of Strogg, and friend of Matt (tron) Godlaski, who is owner/webmaster of 3D Gamer's Edge from PlanetQuake fame. I have enjoyed visiting 3D Gamer's Edge, reading the reviews and playing the available maps on many an occasion. However, sometime after January 2002, PlanetQuake decided it was time to stop hosting 3D Gamer's Edge.

As a member of the U.S. Army National Guard, I have spent the last two years activated for Homeland Defense. It has kept me very busy. A few months prior to completing our Homeland Defense mission, I purchased webspace and found time to build a site of my own. I have Since been released from active duty, and with more time for webpage & Site building, I didn't want to see all of Matt's hard work and in depth reviews fall to the wayside. So I offered and got permission on Sunday January 20 2005, to host 3D Gamer's Edge on my site.

Quite a bit of time has passed since the heydays of Quake. So you will find that a number of the news-item links on 3D Gamer's Edge don't work, since some of the sites they point to are unfortunately no longer there. The broken links may be fixed as time and workload allows. I have obtained most, if not all of the reviewed Quake2 maps from Matt. I've also done some polishing here and there on 3D Gamer's Edge, to get the site up and running, and so that you will have access to the reviewed maps for download. If any of the maps are not available, it will be indicated by an "N/A-" prefix on the download link.

There are a few more Q2 maps than the 187 maps that have been reviewed here on 3D Gamer's Edge. So if you are looking for a particular map that hasn't been reviewed here, just send tron an E-Mail, with the map and author name and a download location, and he will consider adding it to the site.

So whether you are just discovering PC Games and/or Quake2 for the first time, or are visiting for nostalgic reasons, please enjoy the site. And who knows, maybe if tron gets enough email we can talk him into writing some reviews for some of the newer games out there!